What to Expet

Most disability cases require only one office visit with Peter Katz and only one hearing held by a judge.

Call today. Peter Katz will discuss your case with you personally. Then he’ll meet with you in his office to review it. If he accepts representation, Peter will get your additional medical records. He’ll organize and analyze the medical records himself, and he’ll submit those medical records – plus your future medical records – directly to the hearings office. As his client, you’ll receive within the next business day or two copies of all medical records submitted.

Currently, disability hearings for Southwestern Michigan residents are held in Valparaiso, Indiana. An administrative law judge presides at the hearing. Peter Katz will personally attend your hearing. He’ll present your case to the judge and he’ll advocate on your behalf.

Peter accepts all disability cases no money down. The attorney fee — 25 percent — is payable only if you win. The percentage applies only to the amount of retroactively-paid back-benefits awarded. There’s no attorney fee if you don’t win. (Peter Katz doesn’t like to lose, however!)